First High Day Ritual

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Tonight my family of four got together to do my ADF High Day Ritual. We welcomed all the deities and spirits in, the main ones being Perspehone and Hades so we could observe the rape of Persephone as well as celebrate their marriage.

One of the things ADF Druids do that I really like is, toward the end of the ritual, we make “wishes” and ask the deities to grant them. Then we use a form of divination to draw the Omen to see how the dieites respond to our request.

My 4-year old daughter, Cassandra, asked to never be separated from her family. She drew the Tarot catd THE SUN as her Omen.

My 8-year old daughter, Concetta, asked for a new rocking horse, and she wanted freedom for all the good people in the world (but not for the bad people. She drew the Tarot card THE LOVERS as her Omen.

I asked for my psychic business to take off so I can use it to support my family, for my will to remain strong as I recommit to being a Vegetarian again, and for the path to open up for me to get a dog. The Tarot card I chose was the TEN OF PENTACLES as my Omen.

My husband, Michael, asked for justice and prosperity. The Tarot catd he chose was TEMPERANCE as his Omen.

We also drew a card to ask if the divine was happy with our rite, and the Tarot card we chose was the FOUR OF WANDS.

What a beautiful ritual, and what positive Omens!


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